Align With Your Higher-Self and Awaken to Your Divinity

Included in the gift bundle:

Sacred Presence Mini-eCourse

In this video series you’ll get tools, mantras and mindset shifts to help you bring more peace, joy and light into the everyday mundane tasks. You’ll receive an email every day for five days with a short 5-minute(ish) video with a tip for that day.

Sacred Life eGuide: 7 Simple Yet Powerful Rituals and Practices to Bring the Sacred Into Your Everyday Life

Sometimes it may seem that our everyday lives are separate from our spiritual lives. In this eGuide you will find spiritual rituals and practices to help you connect with the divine, your higher-self, your spirit allies, etc. Helping you bring heaven to earth rather than trying to escape your human experience. A blending. A merging. A new way of being. All it takes is an intention, an open heart and a willingness to expand into the truth of who you are on a soul level.

Access Sacred Soul Gardening Private Facebook Group

Sacred Soul Gardening is a space for those of us on a deeply spiritual path to learn, go within, follow our hearts, listen to our own wisdom and celebrate who we are and the journey we are on. We are lightworkers, starseeds, earth angels, healers, spiritual warriors, indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. Whatever your soul’s background is and whether or not you have a label you want to put on it, what we all have in common is we have an unexplained drive to go deep, spread love and light, stand in our truth and help make the world a better place. Join the group to dive into the essence of who you are with others supporting you. Others who get it and are also doing their own dive within. We welcome you with open arms to this space of light and love.

Access Free Monthly Group Energy Alignment Sessions

Once a month, I hold a remote energy session available to all who have signed up to be in the Sacred Soul Gardening Tribe/signed up for the Sacred Soul Gardening Gift Bundle. Every month there is a new intention based on the energy of the time we are in and what would benefit the group most at that time. The sessions are done remotely on an energetic level and there is no need to go anywhere or do anything. Just let me know you want to be a part of that months session and be open to receive this beautiful gift from your guides and angels as they and your soul work on helping you align with your higher self and awaken to your divinity.

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