The other day I was looking for a place to display this gift from my son. Like many on a spiritual path, I have altars around my house. Places where I can honor the sacred, give gratitude to the unseen help I have on a daily basis. Places to help me stop and remember what is important.

These altars are adorned with crystals, items representing the elements, ascended masters, sacred geometry, sacred symbols, etc.

On this day, as I passed my main altar I knew that this beautiful gift was meant to be on the altar. And when I placed it down I burst into tears.

You see for years, I have separated sacred from my motherhood. I am knee deep in child care 7 days a week. I often don’t have as much time as I would like to read, care for my self, meditate, perform ritual, go within, etc.

Motherhood sometimes gets viewed as mundane and the opposite of sacred. But on this day as I placed this item on my altar I realized how much it represented. It was me honoring this journey as mother as sacred. It was and is me honoring my children, these beautiful spirits who chose to grow with me, as sacred.

We can not separate our life here on earth from the sacred. It is all sacred. It is all beautiful. It is all worth honoring and giving gratitude for. Parenting is sacred work so I will no longer separate this life’s journey from the sacred spiritual stuff I do.

I will embrace it all as my spiritual journey.

With much love,
Hedy MacDonald

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