What My Beautiful Clients Are Saying

My session with Hedy was profound and illuminating. She has a rare gift of being able to get to the core of an issue quickly and explicate exactly what is going on deep inside your soul. She is a natural, gentle and powerful healer – I can’t recommend her beautiful gifts enough.

Dr Melissa Wright-Khan


Hedy… [is] amazing and so utterly connected to the divine, a powerful healer and gentle sage. As I received and read my deluxe reading, I almost immediately started sobbing. There was such a tremendous power and connection in the words that so lovingly and accurately were describing me and my life. I felt so completely SEEN. Understood. Gotten. And the challenge that initiated the reading, was resolved in the most beautiful way. The reading was such an amazing gift in my life, and the clarity and comfort I got from it, is something I will carry with me for a long, long time. In complete gratefulness,

Line Neesgaard

It was amazing how your energy reading matched my experience. . .time and content.  The art, alter, and energy session were all so sport on!!!

Marcy Sullivan

I felt you the minute I connected – so much so that I said “Hello Hedy!” After that initial connection, I could feel your support and what I loved was that it didn’t overpower the interaction with my guides; rather, it blended in. And your intuition is of course, spot on. The interpretation of the drawing was very aligned – I haven’t experienced the intuitive art part of this before and I can see how effective it is.

Sheri Howe

All the information was spot on, and I received such good wisdom. It is pretty amazing how you take some abstract art and transform it into what my present journey is about. I also love that you added other things into the reflection like the picture of crystals because that really spoke to me. You also gave great advice as to what I can continue to do to further my growth. I am not just left dangling but I have a direction to go. I feel confident about the direction of my path and it feels good to have the energetic support.


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