Several years ago, as I started to open my heart and began to consciously explore my spiritual path, I started to be able to fly in my dreams. At first I could only fly when being chased and full of terror. I could barely get my feet above my chasers’ heads and feared they would reach up and grab me down.

The Divine Thanks YouNonetheless it was empowering. I had the power to rise above and remain “safe.” After awhile I started feeling braver and was able to fly higher. When being chased in a dream I would think, “Oh, no problem. I can just fly away.” My fears in dream-time diminished and I learned to fly higher and higher.

Soaring like a bird as I look down at the beautiful landscapes of earth below is one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever experienced. It is still my favorite way to spend dream-time and I wake up so excited anytime I’ve had the gift of being able to do so in a dream.

Yet, after I learned to glide above the earth, I started to head up further. When I’d start floating upwards in my dreams, instead of flying around, I’d go straight up past the sky and clouds and enter the ethers. The feelings I’ve had of being so lovingly held and supported up there is hard to express in words.

Once I started ascending up into the higher dimensions I would start to worry about how long I could stay there and hold onto those beautiful feelings of love and support. Of course, as soon as I started to worry and try to hold on, I’d come crashing down.

Now mind you, I can’t plan these dreams nor do I usually have the ability to choose to fly. Even though I am in varying degrees of lucidity in 99% of my dreams, the flying just seems to be out of my conscious control.

A few nights ago, I had a dream I was a student at a university. It was the middle of the night and pitch black. I was at the outskirts of the campus and felt there might be people lurking in the shadows who would try to attack me as I walked by.

This night as I dreamed however, the thought that danger was lurking in the shadows wasn’t accompanied by much fear. For some reason I was enjoying running as fast as I could and had no doubt I was unstoppable at the speeds I was traveling at. In fact, I ran in the middle of the street knowing full well there were cars a ways back but knowing there was no way they could catch up to me.

As I marveled at how fast I was running, the university campus came up on my right. As I turned to run onto campus, my feet lifted off the ground. As I quickly rose higher and higher I thought to myself “Oh okay. I guess this is one of those dreams.” I quickly ascended past the trees, then past the clouds and sky. As I continued to float upwards I noticed I felt completely unattached to the outcome. No worries about where I’d end up this time or how long I’d be able to stay in this space of weightlessness.

As I rose, for the first time in my life in both dream-time and waking state, I completely opened up, trusted and blurted out loud “God, take me. I am yours!” I then started repeating the mantra I often recite, “Thy will be done, through me, for the highest good of all and for the true manifestation of my purpose.”

As I started to say this mantra, I noticed the dream fading. By the time I got to the third repetition of the mantra, I knew I was awake, lying in my bed.

I opened up my eyes and although I had no attachment to outcomes this time, I thought it was curious that the first time I had completely let go of control and fear, the result was waking up from the dream.

As I looked back at the situation with curiosity I heard the message and understood.

I left earth to travel into the heavens and offered myself to the divine.

So God(dess) smiled at me, gently picked me up and put me back in my body. Here on earth. “Then continue doing this,” the divine said. “You are doing a great job. Thank you.”

You see, just being who we are, playing our roles, being grounded in this earthly experience IS it. We are fulfilling our divine destinies every moment, just by being here and experiencing this life.

We can’t do it wrong. There are no mistakes. We are each doing a wonderful job.

Take refuge in knowing you are exactly where you need to be. And the divine, thanks you.

With much love,
Hedy MacDonald

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