When I was a girl, I wanted to be a superhero. My thought was that I would be a super, powerful, tough, woman who went around the world and killed all the people who hurt others. It would be the greatest thing I could do to help those who were the target of hate, anger and “evil”. I could single-handedly bring peace to our planet.

I’ve always been super sensitive to others’ pain. I can feel the pain of other people from across a room, across the globe even. All I need to do is read a story of someone who is enduring pain and I can feel that pain as if it were my own, see it in my own system.

When I was just a toddler, every time the song “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” by Barbra Streisand came on the radio, I sobbed. I felt that pain so clearly and wanted to do anything in my power to help this person who felt unloved, feel loved.

My wanting to kill others to bring peace to the world seemed like a good idea to me at the time. After all, the people I wanted to kill were in the wrong, in my opinion. Being able to feel the pain of the world I saw how much needed to be healed, and with my limited understanding at the time, I thought the best way to accomplish this would be to eradicate all that brought pain to others.

It didn’t occur to me that even though the people I wanted gone from the planet were hurting others, they were also people. That they themselves were in pain, something I couldn’t see because that pain was often hidden by anger. That eradicating them would be doing to them, what I wanted gone from the world. That by saying or even by thinking, “you need to be hurt, because you make me uncomfortable and you don’t believe what I know to be true,” I am acting in exactly the same way they are when they hurt others.

To me they were the other, they were what is wrong with the world. And as soon as we start judging and seeing anyone as “other,” they lose their humanity in our eyes. And once our human minds see someone as not human, then a part of us feels it’s okay to hurt them, because they hurt us after all.

Though this was all just a young girl’s fantasy, it is a fantasy held by many humans young and old on this planet, at this time. And it’s not something new. It’s a belief humans have been holding for thousands of years.

That there is the “other.” That the “other” needs to be stopped at all costs. This is something that has been steeped in our planet’s history. This is why terrorists attack, and why countries attack them back. It’s why women and children around the globe are treated as less than human; raped, sold, enslaved, tortured and burnt with acid. It’s why people around the globe are beaten, as the abuser believes “you are causing me pain, so I must do something to stop you.” It’s why there are still caste systems. It’s why people with dark skin are shot and killed by police officers without a second thought. It’s why there is racism. It’s why there is sexism. It’s why there are many laws in many countries banning homosexuality. It’s why people are routinely, legally killed and beaten by their government in many countries, including the U.S. if you take into account the death penalty. “I am right, you are wrong.” 

One thing social media has done, is shown us how much of the “you are wrong, I am right” mentality is still alive in our world. Even in spiritual communities, I am seeing people being judged by others for their responses. Calling other’s names and assigning motives for their actions or non actions.

I find myself feeling stuck and agitated sometimes as I watch for the millionth time the same scene playing out again and again. “I am right, you are wrong. You are other.” And when I say the millionth time, though I am exaggerating, I am referring to this lifetime alone. Don’t even get me started on how much of this I’ve seen being played out for eons as I’ve embodied from the beginning of this planet’s creation until now.

Being human, I feel anger, frustration and deep sadness as I see people are still separating themselves. Yet there is the other part of me, that can see that everyone is lovable just the way they are, even with all their judgments.

I’ve hesitated sharing this post because, well, it’s a concept that is really hard for the human mind to understand. And since so many people are in a bit of an uproar right now, and in their heads, it’s even harder to hear things that mostly only the heart and soul can understand.

Yet, I know that this is my truth and I am being called to share it.

There are several parts of this.

1)There is no right and wrong.

As much as my human mind argues with this, my truth is that there is no right and wrong. And that judgments over things being right and wrong is what causes pain in the world. Think about it, if terrorist didn’t think that the other is wrong, they would have no reason to hurt and kill others. Right and wrong doesn’t cause humans to act kindly and lovingly towards each other, it actually separates us. (History proves my point on this).

2) Everyone is lovable and completely loved by the divine.

Yes. The murderers, rapist and abusers are loved. Yes. People who hate others are loved. The divine judges no one. Hard to imagine how those that we have such anger against are loveable, but they are. (Please note, loving someone is not the same as loving their actions. Another thing we as a species have completely failed to recognize.)

3) We each have our own truths.

Every single one of us came here to this planet for a different reason. We each have our own lessons to learn and our own unique things to offer the world. There is no one right way. There never has been and never will be as long as we are inhabiting this planet.

Some are here to hold divine love and light and ground it into this planet, some are here to bring all the shadows out into the open. Some are here to be ignorant, some are here to gain wisdom. Some are here to  make a change, some are here just for the ride. And to make it even more complicated, many of us go in and out of different purposes throughout our life.

We are constantly changing, learning and evolving.

I am not here, nor am I writing this blog post to start an argument with you. I am not here to tell you that what you believe is wrong. As anyone else who writes blog posts or shares on social media, I am simply here sharing my truth. And when we all share our truth, it gives others an opportunity to listen and see if any of our truth resonates with them.

Listening to others’ truths, helps us understand ourselves more deeply. We get to explore.

What feels good? What brings me joy? What resonates? What triggers me? Where do I have hidden shadows I’m afraid to look at? Where am I hurting? Where am I judging others or myself? What brings me pain? Is it other that is bringing me pain or my beliefs that are causing me pain?

Just listening to another’s truth and even their beliefs, helps us to learn about ourselves. We don’t need to argue or defend ourselves. Another’s truth doesn’t affect our truth.

As we all share our unique truths, we help each other get in touch with ourselves in a way we couldn’t if we were all living alone, all by ourselves on our own planets.

And like others who share their truths in a blog posts, I will pose a question for you.

Are you following your truth?

When I say truth, I don’t mean your thoughts. Our thoughts and beautiful human minds will tell us all kind of things. Things like, if I kill someone who hurts others, I am bringing peace to the world. Of course, not all thoughts are that drastic, but I’m using me and my thoughts as an example. That idea wasn’t my truth, it was my thoughts.

My truth, then and now, is that I am here to help ground peace, love and compassion into this planet. That is my soul’s truth. I hear it when I go within and listen to my heart and soul. I hear it when I talk to my spirit guides and my higher self. I hear it in my sessions with clients. This is my truth. Whether or not anyone agrees with it is irrelevant.

My truth is not dependent on others. I can ground peace and love without everyone agreeing with me. I can have wars going on and still hold onto and act in my truth. I can have people sending me hate mail and still hold onto and act from my truth.

Besides asking you if you know your truth I also ask, are you living your truth?

Sure we are all human. We don’t walk in our truth 100% of the time. This isn’t about judging ourselves. It is about aligning ourselves as best we can at any given moment with our higher-selves and our purpose.

Whatever your true purpose is when you listen to your heart and soul, is yours and no one can take that away from you. You don’t have to share it with anyone yet you don’t have to hide it if it’s not meant to be hidden.

Your truth is your unique truth. You don’t have to feel you need to be or act a certain way just because someone tells you that you aren’t a “good” person if you don’t follow their truth. Many hurts in the world were bred  from people not listening to their hearts and instead listening to what others tell them.

My hope for you is that you know your truth, whatever it is, and live it. After all, that is why you are here.

With much love and light to all beings regardless of their truth, regardless of whether they live their truth or not, regardless of their emotions or actions or lack thereof. I infuse this post with a blessing of love and light, truly to ALL.

Hedy MacDonald

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